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Versature is Hiring

I am really proud to be a part of Versature’s terrific growth. This weekend, we made our first acquisition: Octopus IP Communication Ltd‘s phone service business, which is really exciting:

  1. Official press release
  2. Picked up by the Ottawa Business Journal (on the front page!)
  3. VoIP Monitor
  4. TMCnet picked it up as well

We’ve been up to lots of other stuff as well. All in all it means some long days (and nights), but I’m having fun.

Versature Corp

Versature is Hiring

Thought I’d leave a note here that Versature is hiring. Notably, I’m looking for a developer with fresh user interface design ideas:

Versature is looking for a developer with experience designing and building awesome user interfaces for complex problem domains. Visual analytics tools, integration with Google Apps, Mobile Safari support, real-time user interaction are all topics we cover. Knowledge of the Java platform and experience using remote service APIs a must. Send your cover letter to the email address listed in the TXT record of hr.versature.net.

I’m hoping we can leverage the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) for this.