Major Website Changes for 2017

Posted on Sun 05 February 2017 in Website


After many, many, years using WordPress to publish my personal site, I have recently made some major changes.

Initially, I had some clear goals:

  • Performance
  • Standards compliance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Reliability

And, since much of the technical content on my site has become obsolete over 13 or so years, I decided to just ditch it. The new site gets a clean slate.

Publishing Platform

Following the KISS principle, I decided to implement a statically generated site. Static content makes the previously stated goals much easier to achieve, primarily by allowing greater flexibility in hosting platform choice.

Hosting Platform

The general princles guiding my choice of hosting platform were:

  • Low cost: this site does not generate revenue
  • High performance distributed infrastructure

The Google Cloud Platform meets these criteria with the App Engine service. Notably, GAE will use Google’s massive array of distributed front-end servers to speedup content serving.

In addition, I decided to use Cloud DNS while I was at it.